Consistent Faith
You may need your Bible, a pen & notebook to complete these lessons. You should be able to copy and paste these outlines to your word processor and print them without difficulty if you so desire. We recommend you record in your note book deep thoughts or questions that may arise as you study, and certainly record all things God reveals to your heart. Look over these notes frequently and use them even as you pray. God will cause you to grow in wisdom and understanding. Keep your note book with you throughout the day as much as possible to record all God reveals to you and to review the things you have learned. Look up all bible verses in this study. Highlight or mark them in your bible. It is Gods Word speaking directly to you.

   We also recommend you make a habit of memorizing a scripture each week. This not only helps get the Word deep in your heart, but is also an excellent mental exercise.

                                                           CONSISTENT FAITH

   Being consistent is a strength that few have mastered, yet all of us need. The ability to stand firm when things around us are shaking isn’t a natural human trait. This is a characteristic of God. The Word declares God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.
Some seem to be born with this ability and some without, but the truth is, it is a learned behavior.
Hollywood depicts a hero as courageous, brave and strong, and usually a powerful, confident champion of a man, who strikes fear into his enemies. What’s truly funny is a real hero is so seldom like this. Courage for those who have nothing to fear isn’t courage at all. A world champion boxer in a ring with a novice doesn’t need courage to face his opponent. Courage is needed when the odds are stacked against us.
   Courage is not an absence of fear, but a resolve to step out regardless. Each of us will act in these situations according to the things which have been sown in our heart. David was able to courageously face Goliath because of his own faith in God. How can we face our troubles and win? Can even those situations in our life which seem to drag on indefinitely be finally overcome through faith?
The Lord makes the impossible, possible and the difficult seem easy. No matter what we face, or how long we have faced it, God has our answer, and today we will sow His Word in our hearts. Today we will see we can face the giants in our life, and win every time, by growing in faith in God!

1. Inconsistency robs us. James 1:6-8
    - If we let it, inconsistency will allow the devil off the hook. He won’t even have to put
      up a fight against us if we don’t hold onto what we believe.

2. Misunderstanding undermines faith.
     ​ John 10:10

    - Many will look at Job and other scriptures and consider God as the author of their problem. They miss the main heart of the gospel which       is we are joint heir with Jesus of the kingdom, heirs of God, completely redeemed from the curse of the law. We live under a different               covenant than the OT saints did. The covenant we live under is paid for with Jesus blood and is between God and Jesus, so we can’t      
      ​break it. We are recipients of the greatest gift God has ever bestowed mankind since creation, and some still want to walk in the old  

3. Faith is unstoppable. Mark 11:22-24

4. Faith is for everyone. Matthew 8:5-10
    - Faith works for anyone who will put it to work!

5. Natural law cannot stop faith. 2Kings 6:5-8, 2Kings 13:20-21, Matthew 17:20

Conclusion: We can limit ourselves, or have the mind that we will take all the limits off. God is making the impossible possible to those who chose to believe. Consistency in faith is key. Don’t quit believing for whatever it is you need. Those walking in Gods will are confident. With God all things are possible. God has fully equipped us for His service!

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