Standing In The Face Of Adversity - Audio lesson
You may need your Bible, a pen & notebook to complete these lessons. You should be able to copy and paste these outlines to your word processor and print them without difficulty if you so desire. We recommend you record in your note book deep thoughts or questions that may arise as you study, and certainly record all things God reveals to your heart. Look over these notes frequently and use them even as you pray. God will cause you to grow in wisdom and understanding. Keep your note book with you throughout the day as much as possible to record all God reveals to you and to review the things you have learned. Look up all bible verses in this study. Highlight or mark them in your bible. It is Gods Word speaking directly to you.

   We also recommend you make a habit of memorizing a scripture each week. This not only helps get the Word deep in your heart, but is also an excellent mental exercise.

                   Daniel Fox - Standing In The Face Of Adversity                     


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